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SEPTON™ Q-series

With over 30 years of experience in the field of elastomeric block copolymers, Kuraray applied advanced polymerization technologies to create SEPTON™ Q-series, a unique material with remarkable characteristics.

In addition, Kuraray developed a unique alloy technology called “SEPTON™ Q-series film”, which consists of SEPTON™ Q-series and PMMA. This combination forms a novel class of TPEs, which enters the application areas of TPAEs, TPCs and TPUs. It can not only function as a replacement for these three classes of TPEs, but also serve as an alternative for PVC. SEPTON™ Q-series film works well together with various polyolefins and even polymers with polarity.

SEPTON™ Q-series film offers very good abrasion and scratch resistance, good hydrolysis resistance and weather resistance. It can make products much lighter and is fully recyclable.

Based on these very unique and outstanding properties, SEPTON™ Q-series is the product of choice for housings and casings in the electronics industry.

SEPTON™ Q-series provides excellent temperature and weathering resistance.

Protection for insulated cables

SEPTON™ Q-series has considerably lower density than other engineering TPEs such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and thermoplastic polyester elastomers (TPC). At the same time, its scratch and abrasion resistance is superior to conventional TPE materials. Furthermore, users benefit from improved weather resistance. Insulated cable material made with the SEPTON™ Q-series retain their properties at both very low and warm temperatures. They also exhibit optimum elasticity during permanent use in warm water, steam and tropical climates.

Close-up of an insulated cable with SEPTON™ Q-series

Excellent protection for sensitive fiber-optics for the 5G network

Thanks to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties, the SEPTON™ Q-series is highly suitable for the production of exceptionally high-durability fiber-optic cables – to support the successful rollout of the 5G network. For insulated cable material, a robust casing is needed to give these sensitive cable assemblies lasting protection in tough conditions. The high-performance elastomers in the SEPTON™ Q-series from Kuraray provide all-round protection for optical fibers. Moreover, they are much lighter and more robust than TPU and TPC.

Cable insulation produced with SEPTON™ Q-series offers excellent protection


  • Durable
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy processability
  • Lightweight
  • Lower relative permittivity
  • Lower density
  • Low hardness without plasticizer
  • Better hydrolysis resistance
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Film extrusion moldability


  • Alternative to TPU or TPC for improved properties
  • Improved performance and transmission of high-speed transmission components
  • Recyclable


  • High-speed transmission components in automotive, information and communication devices
  • Fiber optic cables: 5G, high-speed transmission
  • Sporting goods & footwear
  • 3D printing


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