Elastomer 5G

5G is the fifth generation mobile and network technology platform which builds on the existing “Long Term Evolution” (LTE) standard.  Increasing importance of IoT platforms, Industry 4.0 and M2M communication underlines the importance of 5G as a new generation standard.

A 5G network is critical to certain mega-trends like autonomous driving and further digitization and automatism of our society.

Several Kuraray polymers are currently used to enable 5G technology. SEPTON™ is a styrene block copolymer used as a base polymer to enhance properties in fiber optic cables, automotive and electronic devices.

Find out, how SEPTON™ Q-Series will improve the performance and transmission of high speed transmission components. There, where high end is needed. For our future.


  1. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) or TPC (thermoplastic polyester elastomer) replacement for improved properties
  2. Lower relative permittivity
  3. Lower density
  4. Better hydrolysis resistance
  5. Low temperature resistance
  6. Film extrusion moldability

  1. Improves properties like softness, light-weight, weatherability, abrasion and scratch resistance
    Safe, stable and high quality data transmission
  2. Reduces weight
  3. Improves properties in high humidity environments
  4. Improves properties in hot and cold environments

  1. High speed transmission components in automotive, information and communication devices
  2. Fiber optic cables


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