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High-performance TPE


Vinyl-rich high-performance TPE


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High-performance synthetic rubber

SEPTON™ BIO-series
SEPTON™ BIO-series

Bio-based TPE

Liquid farnesene rubber
Liquid farnesene rubber

Bio-based synthetic rubber


Alkali water-soluble polymer

As a global specialty chemicals company, we are a specialist in polymer science and solutions. With our styrenic block copolymers and elastomers, our products are key to differentiate end applications of our customers, add value to consumers and we are ready to support our clients whenever our thought leadership is needed. Our innovative TPE solutions with their individual product properties help you make your products better, more sustainable and more user-friendly.

Our technical experts all over the world help you meet demanding requirements of today and shape the world of tomorrow.

Our broad range of specialty chemicals for your most diverse requirements

Buy polymers of Kuraray and benefit from the unique properties of our products, as well as the know-how and excellent service of our technical experts. We are happy to assist you with physical samples and further information.

SEPTON™ is a series of styrene thermoplastic elastomers developed by Kuraray and used where added value is needed. It meets market needs and regulatory requirements in almost all conceivable industries, from highest safety standards in medical devices to consumer goods to electronic applications.

HYBRAR™ is a unique tri-block copolymer and was developed by Kuraray’s exclusive polymer technology. HYBRAR™ is a thermoplastic elastomer that exhibits high vibration damping and shock absorption properties and is used as an environmentally friendly alternative, as it replaces PVC in various applications even without any additional plasticizer. This highly elastic styrene block copolymer (SBC) is available as hydrogenated (HYBRAR™ 7000-series) and non-hydrogenated grades (HYBRAR™ 5000-series).

Our styrene block copolymers are critical to success in TPE compounds and can be processed in a wide variety of forms. The SBCs consist of styrene-based hard blocks and a diene soft block that combines the excellent processability of a plastic with a rubber-like performance.

With KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER, Kuraray offers you high-viscosity synthetic rubbers. Designed as “reactive plasticizers” in the time-consuming and labor-intensive rubber mixing process, they help reduce Mooney viscosity and facilitate the mixing process. Used in highly diversified markets and demanding industries, KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER reduces migration and improves the lifetime of rubber compounds significantly.

KURARITY™, the transparent TPE, is a series of acrylic block copolymers that are produced by Kuraray’s unique anionic living polymerization technology. This acrylic block copolymer has an excellent clarity and is used where transparency is key for our customers.

With SEPTON™ BIO-series and liquid farnesene rubber, we are expanding our portfolio with innovative products based on natural and renewable raw materials. Kuraray’s pioneering technology leads us to be the first and only supplier of bio-based HSFC and liquid rubbers on the market. It utilizes a new renewable monomer called β-farnesene, which is produced from the fermentation of sugar extracted from sugarcane.

By increasing the bio content in the final product, these bio-based polymers are key to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower the carbon footprint and a pave the way to a more sustainable world.

SEPTON™ specialty grades convince with unique properties. Those series cover a broader range of product properties, such as super soft application possibilities with SEPTON™ J-series, or a superior heat resistance provided by SEPTON™ V-series.

ISOBAM™ is a water-soluble copolymer. An important field of application for this product is metalworking, where it is used as a forging lubricant and quenching fluid.