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Price Increase of SEPTON™, HYBRAR™ and TU-Polymer
3. Abril 2024

Price Increase of SEPTON™, HYBRAR™ and TU-Polymer (04/24)

The Elastomers Business Unit will raise the transaction prices of all SEPTON™, HYBRAR™ and TU-Polymer from April 15, 2024.

9. Fevereiro 2023

New Plant for Isoprene-Related Businesses in Thailand

Kuraray Co., Ltd. announces that construction of a new plant for isoprene-related businesses has been completed and will soon start operations in stages.

19. Agosto 2022

Kuraray’s appearance at K2022

Kuraray is aligning its appearance at K2022 entirely with the theme of co-creating a sustainable future together with a stronger focus on innovation.

15. Agosto 2022

Price Revisions for KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER (09/22)

Kuraray announces its decision to upwardly revise prices of KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER for shipments commencing Sep 1, 2022.