By collaborating with Kuraray as a leading specialty chemistry supplier for your applications, you are opting for pioneering innovation, safety, sustainability and a reliable, long-lasting material performance.

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Thought leadership is of particular importance in the development of our solutions in polymer chemistry. Value creation marks a cornerstone in the collaboration with our customers. Our styrene block copolymers and elastomers meet and exceed the requirements of today’s most important industries and play a pivotal part in building a better life for present and future generations of consumers, businesses and our planet.

High-performance elastomers and specialty chemistry

Whether as additives or key components, our TPEs and elastomers are true performance-drivers for your specialist applications. By embracing the excellence and utmost care deeply rooted in our Japanese DNA, we help you get the most out of your business and take your products to a new level. We focus on quality down to the smallest detail, because we know that you and your clients will rely on Kuraray’s products in every situation.

Our customer success managers and material scientists are happy to assist you in finding the right product for your specialist application, and discovering its full potential.

Satisfied clients in major industries and applications

The consumer goods sector applies elastomers and SBCs by Kuraray in various use cases. For example, our products give diapers their comfort, stability and elasticity. Free from toxins and pressure points, they keep babies and patients safe and content.

Manufacturers of medical devices choose selected SBCs by Kuraray for their excellent mechanical properties for users and patients’ satisfaction. The biocompatibility of medical-grade TPEs is studied according to ISO 10993, including ISO 10993-4 (hemolysis), -5 (cytotoxicity), -10 (skin sensitization), and -11 (pyrogen). Selected Kuraray medical-grade TPEs are USP<88> Class VI compliant, FDA-, and EU No.10/2011 compliant. Their elasticity, kink-resistance, transparency and low proportion of extractable substances make our medical-grade TPEs well-suited for specialist applications such as medical tubes and IV bags.

Our SBCs and liquid rubbers have another key application in oil modification. As additives, they improve the performance and lifetime of drills, engines and cables, or function as lubricant support over a wide temperature range.

Processors of automotive polymers rely on SBCs and liquid rubbers by Kuraray for various reasons. They can replace metal in cars and airplanes, make them lighter, lower their fuel consumption and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future. Our elastomers improve the grip performance of tires and make an important step towards “Vision Zero”: Mobility without any traffic fatalities or serious accidents. But not only do the end users benefit from the materials: Their superior processability, heat and oil resistance that aid manufacturers speak for themselves.

The industrial and construction sector uses SBCs from Kuraray to create PVC-free, low-VOC flooring. However, our products do not only replace PVC alongside with its toxic phthalates in certain applications. Our SBCs and elastomers are also used in adhesives, coatings and sealants applications for their reliable performance, temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Furthermore, our alkali water-based ISOBAM™ can substitute soot-forming, potentially hazardous oil-based lubricants in metal processing.

Due to the wide spectrum of applications of elastomers and TPEs, it is impossible to describe them all in a single article. We invite you to explore our specialist markets!

TPEs and elastomers by Kuraray: Applied sustainability.

SEPTON™ BIO-series and liquid farnesene rubber are bio-based polymers. With SEPTON™ BIO-series, our clients can significantly lower the greenhouse gas emissions in their value chain. Both SEPTON™ BIO-series and liquid farnesene rubber are sourced from renewable sugar cane. They offer a green selling proposition and a competitive edge to marketers and product managers alike, while maintaining the high intrinsic material performance that lives up to the name of Kuraray.

Or as deeply anchored in our mission:
We are committed to developing new fields of business using pioneering technology that improves the environment and enhances the quality of life throughout the world.

For people and the planet – to achieve what no one else can.

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