ISOBAM™ – Water soluble polymer

ISOBAM™ is the trade name of an alternative copolymer of isobutylene and maleic anhydride developed by KURARAY using their POVAL® (polyvinyl alcohol) technology. ISOBAM™ is an alkaline water soluble polymer with outstanding characteristics which have never been acquired by conventional water soluble polymers such as polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose derivatives.

ISOBAM™ is a white powder in appearance. It is generally used as a water soluble polymer reacting with sodium hydroxide, ammonia and amine. Various useful reactants are obtained by the reaction of ISOBAM™ with alcohol, amine and epoxy compounds.

ISOBAM™ 04, 06, 10, 18, 600

  • Protective colloid of polymerizing emulsion
  • Emulsion type of adhesive for wood and papers
  • Water based binders for ceramic powders
  • Binder for glass and fiber
  • Lubricant for forging and casting
  • Hardening agent for steel
  • Soluble in alkaline water
  • Scale inhibitor
  • Dispersing agent for pesticide
ISOBAM™ 104, 110

  • Binder for ceramic powder
  • Binder for solid catalyst
  • Water soluble paint
  • Air freshener
ISOBAM™ 304, 306, 310

  • Protective colloid for polymerizing VAc.
  • Emulsion type of adhesive for wood
  • Soluble in alkaline water