Film & Packaging

Kuraray has developed a range of material that is suitable for dry blending in film extrusion processes. These Styrene Block Copolymers display maximum softness and elasticity and have excellent compatibility with polyolefins. The main advantage is to tailor film properties that normally cannot be achieved with commodity polyolefin, polyolefin elastomer, or plastomer resins.

  • High softness and elasticity with lowest material concentration
  • Dry blending in extrusion with no prior compounding step
  • Reduced seal initial temperature of polypropylene (SIT)
  • Maximum drop, impact and softness improvement
  • Residue-free removal
  • High clarity films
  • Medical and food contact compliance
  • Premium elastic hygiene components
  • Customized protective films
  • Medical film
  • Industrial packaging
  • SEPTON™ 2000 Series
  • SEPTON™ 4000 Series