The low PMMA content grades provide good adhesive properties which are suitable for various clean & environmentally friendly pressure sensitive adhesives without the use of solvents and tackifiers. With its superior processability, it is possible to co-extrude adhesive layers of KURARITY™ to other plastic components which simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces costs.


  • Self-adhesion which leads to eliminating the drying and curing process
  • Low VOC and ultimately less odor without solvent and residual monomer
  • Minimal residuals on the surface of the adherent
  • Extremely low migration without tackifier
  • Excellent clarity for transparent substrates
  • Excellent weather-ability and no hydrolysis degradation
  • Base polymer for hot-melt adhesives
  • Industrial tapes
  • Surface protection films
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Removable tapes