HYBRARis a triblock co-polymer having polystyrene end blocks and a vinyl bonded rich poly-diene mid-block. Due to its peak tan delta near room temperature, HYBRAR™ exhibits high vibration damping and shock absorption properties.
HYBRAR™ products are available as durable hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated grades. Hydrogenated grades of HYBRAR™ have excellent miscibility with polypropylene resulting in excellent transparency and clarity when blended. Unlike PVC, products manufactured using HYBRAR™ do not need a plasticizer, which reduces the environmental impact of production. HYBRAR™ can be processed in a wide variety of forms, including films, tubes and injection molding.

  • Excellent vibration damping at room temperature
  • High affinity for polyolefins and styrene
  • Good moldability
  • Can be cross-linked like vulcanizable rubber
  • Rubber like elasticity
  • Hydrogenated grades give extremely high clarity when blended with polypropylene
  • Very good heat and weather resistance
  • Can be used in plasticizer free compounds
  • Sports equipment
  • Acoustic components
  • Electronic components
  • Automotive components
  • Film and sheet for food and medical packaging applications
  • Adhesives, coatings and sealants
  • Profile extrusion
  • Injection molded components
  • Floorcoverings
  • Shoes
  • Consumer goods
  • Foamable sound damping sealants
  • Medical tubing