Thermoplastic Elastomers
for Medical Goods

Safe and non-toxic, Kuraray’s SEPTON™ and HYBRAR™ products offer flexibility and performance in the design of medical products where superior performance and safety is needed most. Distinguished by their high clarity, non-allergenic characteristics and easy processability, Kuraray’s Elastomers deliver highest quality for applications like medical tubes and pouches, orthopedic gels, patch adhesives and elastic nonwovens.

Medical Bags

Kuraray has developed a range of materials that are suitable for dry blending in film extrusion processes. These Styrenic Block Copolymers show excellent softness and elasticity. Due to their excellent compatibility with polyolefins, they allow great flexibility to design film properties that normally cannot be achieved with commodity polyolefin resins alone.

In the field of flexible packaging films made from polyethylene and polypropylene, HYBRAR™ offers various grades that can be added for specific customization. Compared to plastomers or polyolefin elastomers, these materials perform in the lowest concentrations necessary to achieve excellent value. Here, the main advantage is impact resistance for downgauging purposes. Specifically for polypropylene, HYBRAR™ can reduce the Sealing Initial Temperature (SIT) up to 10 degrees.

Medical Tubes

HYBRAR™ is a cost-effective solution for soft-touch applications and provides extremely tough, transparent and flexible performance for medical tubing. In comparison to PVC, Kuraray HYBRAR™ is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Its high compatibility with PP and its high affinity to polyolefins and styrenics make HYBRAR™ very easy to process. Moreover, compounds made out of HYBRAR™ and PP have high tensile and excellent impact strength. The polymer structure of HYBRAR™ also ensures relatively good oxygen and moisture permeability compared to other elastomers.


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Orthopedic Gels

The Kuraray Elastomer Portfolio comprises various materials that can be used in the processing of orthopedic gels. SEPTON™ J-Series and SEPTON™ 4000-Series provide orthopedic gels with their necessary stability and super soft characteristics giving the products a natural skin-like feel. With their low specific gravity and high tear strength characteristics, these products can replace silicone in various applications.

Developed for high-performance products where long lasting stability and compression set are key requirements, SEPTON™ J-Series and SEPTON™ 4000 Series can be used in applications such as cushions for artificial limbs or orthopedic bandages. Their excellent shock absorbing and damping properties combined with non-allergenic qualities meet the high demands in this industry. Additionally, characteristics like lower melt viscosity, excellent low temperature behavior and superior processability at a low shear rate ensure enhanced processability and soft, flexible compounds over a broad temperature range.


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Patch Adhesives

Various products within the Kuraray’s SEPTON™ line can be processed for patch adhesives. SEPTON™ 2063 and SEPTON™ 4000 Series for example are perfect solutions when there is a need for products with extremely high cleanliness. Their well-balanced adhesion and cohesion force makes patch adhesives with SEPTON™ products easy to peel off.

For the consumer this means higher wearing comfort without causing allergies.

Elastics Nonwovens and Films


Kuraray’s SEPTON™ 4000 Series (SEEPS) is designed for high performing elasticity among thermoplastic materials. For consumers the main advantage is a higher wearing comfort and creep resistance. These distinct properties further lead to downgauging probabilities. Significant material savings can be achieved while maintaining mechanical properties, compared to other thermoplastic elastomers.



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