SEPTON™ BIO-series

Kuraray developed a new family of hydrogenated styrene farnesene block copolymers (HSFC) called SEPTON™ BIO-series.

SEPTON™ BIO-series expands our range of TPE materials with a product based on natural and renewable raw materials. As a leading supplier of TPE’s, Kuraray is providing an answer to the growing need for more sustainable solutions.

SEPTON™ BIO-series is synthesized from B-farnesene, a renewable monomer derived from sugarcane. Through established fermentation processes, proprietary yeast strains convert sugar sources such as sugarcane, into B-farnesene. When B-farnesene is polymerized, its unique chemical structure provides differentiated features from conventional hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers (HSBC). When compared with HSBC’s, SEPTON™ BIO-series exhibits higher flow ability, good adhesion, lower hardness without plasticizer, good permanent and compression set, high grip performance, and improved damping properties over a wide temperature range. SEPTON™ BIO-series lends itself to a broad range of applications including: adhesives & sealants, gels, soft compounds, modifiers, nonwovens, various grips, films and foams.

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  • Strong and stable adhesion force across a wide temperature range
  • High flow-ability
  • Good process-ability
  • High damping properties
  • Bio-based Polymer
  • High tan δ across a wide temperature range
  • Low compression-set, low permanent set
  • Lower hardness without plasticizer
  • low oil bleed
  • Excellent removability with no residue
  • Adhesives
  • Gels
  • Compounds
  • Protective Film
  • Sealants
  • Resin Modifier
  • Nonwoven
  • Foams
  • SF902
  • SF903
  • SF904

Comparison of HSBC and HSFC in basic properties