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Eco-friendly and high-performance diaper elastics

Leading the next diaper innovation: Pioneering comfort, sustainability and performance

As consumer needs and preferences evolve, diaper manufacturers are embracing key trends to enhance product performance, sustainability, and manufacturing efficiency. Let’s explore some of the major trends driving the diaper industry.

Empowering diaper OEMs to enhance performance, efficiency, and comfort


Parents and caregivers prioritize user comfort when it comes to baby and adult diapers, as it guarantees a pleasant experience, unrestricted movement, and minimizes irritation or discomfort for the wearer. Diaper manufacturers are dedicating their efforts to creating diapers with superior comfort by incorporating advancements in new materials, making them soft, breathable, elastic, and highly absorbent.

Odor control

Odor control is a crucial aspect of diaper design. Manufacturers are continuously investing in safe odor-neutralizing additives to tackle odor-related concerns.

Revolutionizing odor control in stretch laminates: Kuraray’s innovative HSBC-based diaper solutions


In response to growing environmental awareness, the diaper industry is actively pursuing sustainable practices. Manufacturers are introducing eco-friendly materials, such as bio-based polymers used in in various components of diapers, to reduce the environmental impact.

Additionally, efforts are being made to optimize waste management, improve recycling processes, and reduce carbon emissions throughout the diaper’s lifecycle.

Efficient manufacturing

To meet the increasing demand for diapers, manufacturers are focusing on optimizing their production processes and material selection improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. Streamlined operations allow for faster innovation, customization, and responsiveness to market demands.

Embracing eco-friendly diapers: Bio-based HSBCs as sustainable alternatives to conventional USBCs such as SIS and SBS

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Personal care & hygiene

Technical insights

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SEPTON™ F-series: Kuraray’s innovative solution addressing multiple challenges in one product

SEPTON™ F-series is Kuraray’s unique brand to develop more sustainable and skin-loving diapers. It is considered a key differentiating factor of elastic components in diapers to combine strong holding power with less waste and Kuraray’s unique technology to protect baby’s skin.

Kuraray introduces its latest solutions, which have emerged from its open innovation approach involving collaboration with stakeholders across the entire value chain.

SEPTON™ F-series

Features & Benefits

  • Customized solutions: Tailoring performance, sustainability and economy to customer needs
  • Strong holding force without leaving red marks
  • Odor reduction by Kuraray’s unique SEPTON™ solutions
  • Efficient manufacturing & environmentally-friendly solutions: Embracing economics and bio-based alternatives

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