TP-301 is synthetic trans-1,4-polyisoprene rubber developed by Kuraray’s unique technology. While cis-1,4-polyisoprene is a major component of natural rubber with excellent elasticity, trans-1,4-polyisoprene knows as Gutta-percha or Balata in nature is a crystalline elastomer at room temperature due to 70 degree C melting point which looks like hard plastic but could be vulcanized as well as other rubbers.


TP-301 has the following features

  • Easy to mold under low temperature (70℃/152°F)
  • Hard and durable under room temperature
  • Bondable by hot melt adhesion and superior in self-bonding
  • Crosslinked by sulfur or peroxide
  • Crosslinked material shows higher hardness and good durability, impact resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Good uniformity in quality and free from impurities


TP-301 is widely used in many applications as follows:

• Golf ball cover

• Medical use
  - Orthopedic splints
  - Materials for rehabiliations
  - Materials for modeling human body

• Footwear
  - Shoe sole
  - Counter toe guard

• Hot melt applications

• Adhesives

• Composite materials with fiber

• Industrial application
  - Sealants
  - Curable release film
  - Material for blocking
  - Melting case

• Others
  - Teaching materials
  - Material for hobby
  - Protectors for sports activities