Example: The elastic light guides produced by Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., LTD.

The elastic Light guide is jointly developed with Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., LTD.. With excellent light guide property of KURARITY™, only one LED is needed to illuminate up to 3 meters length of the light guides. Any color you want is easily produced by changing the color of LED, as the light guides themselves is milky white.


Special Properties

w/Fitting part


These flexible light guides enable car designers wrap the light guides in a broad range of shapes. Soft, elastic light guides also help eliminate sharp edges in contrast to PMMA.

Uniform luminescence and color

The light guides can produce uniform luminescence and color even with lengths up to three meters and with a single LED light source.

Customizable shape

Unique shapes can be designed according to the needs of the application. By designing the cross-sectional shape to properly fit other parts, the assembly process is simplified. When compared to light guides that can only produce 360 degree shapes, this is a significant improvement.

Directional and luminance control of light emission

The light guides with a reflection layer allow a wide range of lighting effects by controlling the direction of the light emission, while the conventional light guide emits light for 360 degree. This reflection layer also increases the luminance of the light guide with keeping its maximum available length up to 3 meters.


The light guides have core-clad structure. The LED light entering from the rod side reflects between core and clad layer and some light extracts through the clad. This illuminating method enables continuous lighting along light guide’s shape. Compare to the conventional elastic light guides which contains LED tape for pointed light source in the guiding rod, the light guides produce softer lighting effect and thinner rod can be produced, as the light guides need only one LED light source outside of them. The Fluorocarbon clad ensures that the light guides maintain superior durability which is vital in automotive applications.

Standard Grades

Light Guide Technical Information

These light guides are offered in 3.5 and 6.3 mm diameters with round cross sections up to three meters in length.

For customized cross-sectional shapes and diameters, please contact us.

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