Film & Packaging

Kuraray HYBRAR™ is suitable for dry blending in various film extrusion processes. This copolymer provides maximum softness and elasticity while maintaining a balanced morphology with polyolefins. One of the main advantages in using HYBRAR™ is the ability to provide unique film properties that normally cannot be achieved with commodity polyolefin resins.

  • High softness and elasticity with lowest material concentration
  • Dry blending in extrusion - no prior compounding step
  • Reduced seal initial temperature of polypropylene (SIT)
  • Maximum drop, impact and softness improvement
  • Residue free removal
  • High clarity films
  • Medical and food contact compliance (selected grades)
  • Customizing tack adhesion for different surface appearances (e.g. embossed or non-embossed)
  • Premium elastic hygiene components
  • Customized protective films
  • Medical film
  • Industrial packaging
  • Stationery
  • Food packaging
  • HYBRAR™ 7000 Series