The Elastomer Division

The history of Kuraray’s Elastomer division started in 1972 with the production of polyisoprene rubber in the Kashima plant. From the first production line, the Elastomer Division continuously grew and invented new products such as SEPTON™, HYBRAR™, and KURARITY™.
Kuraray strives to develop new and innovative high performance products for customers around the globe.

1972 Start of production of polyisoprene rubber at the Kashima Plant
1974 Developed new rubber materials based on Isoprene chemistry
1990 Commercialization of thermoplastic elastomer SEPTON™ (Kashima)
1991 Formation of the limited company Kuraray Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany
1994 Commercialization of HYBRAR™
1998 Sales activity of Elastomer Division (former Isoprene Chemicals Division) started in Europe
2000 Formation of SEPTON Company of America
2001 Launch of SEPTON™ V Series
2002 SEPTON Company of America in Pasadena commenced SEPTON™ manufacturing with a capacity of 12,000 metric tons per year
2003 Launch of SEPTON™ Q Series
Pilot plant for KURARITY™ established
2004 Opening of the Kuraray Research & Technical Center (KRTC) in Pasadena, Texas
2007 SEPTON™ plant in Pasadena expanded production capacity to 18,000 metric tons per year
2008 EVAL Company of America, SEPTON Company of America, and the Trading Divisions merge to form Kuraray America, Inc.
2011 Start of KURARITY™ (acrylic thermoplastic elastomer) production at the Niigata Plant, Japan
2013 Partnered with Amyris to replace petroleum-derived feed-stocks in the production of high-performing polymers for use in tires, adhesives, sealants, and other compounds