About us

Kuraray is a world leader in specialty chemicals and functional materials. We are committed developing products that ensure quality and value while helping our customers differentiate themselves from their competition.

In the 1950s, the company developed the synthetic fiber KURALON™, as well as a series of unique businesses, including the man-made leather CLARINO™, developed as a substitute for natural leather, polyester textiles, non-woven fabrics KURAFLEX™, and VECTRAN™, a high strength polyacrylate fiber used in medical and space exploration applications.

Since then, our mission has been to introduce and supply innovative and high-performance products to customers around the world.

Today, Kuraray develops and manufactures high quality and innovative products ranging from synthetic resins, fine chemicals, non-woven fabrics, and man-made leather to medical products.

For more information on the history of Kuraray and how we were founded, please visit our Company History page.